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Eastern Fish And Game Bait fishing proposal

Hello To Everyone,

Following on from discussions at the last two Club Meetings,
attached is an excerpt from the website for Eastern Region F&G regarding a change to the regulations to the effect that bait fishing should be permitted in “an easy to access” Rotorua lake, and Okareka is put forward as one such lake. This proposed change is causing great concern to some Rotorua anglers who believe that if bait fishing is allowed, coarse fishermen may sooner or later quietly slip perch or carp into the lake. As happened to Lakes Pupuke and Otatoa, and others in the Auckland area. The Rotorua area is a major Trout Fishing tourism destination and other species being released there could be devastating.

Please share your views on this, pro or against, with Fish and Game as soon as possible. The decision will be made on the 11th June. Check out their website under Fishing rules – have you say. (The Ruatakuri issue is also part of these possible changes.) .

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